Even Pokémon are suffering from coral bleaching

Possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve ever is “the Bible tells us how the world is going to end. We’re just seeing it in nature.” While I personally have nothing against Christianity, this shows a level of human ignorance beyond baffling to me. According to this mindset, there’s no reason to keep living and we might as well not fight to save whatever facets of Nature exist to us.

If a childrens’ video game sees how devastating an effect humans are having on this planet, things have gotten horribly bad. We need to be aware and up our efforts to protect this planet.

Please, if your child or you, plays Pokemon, use it as a method of teaching about the fragility of our ecosystem. Show how important it is that we protect it.

Marine Madness

In a surprising twist to the new Pokémon games Sword & Shield, Nintendo have re-designed the coral Pokémon Corsola to have bleached due to ‘sudden climate change’. It is a stark and symbolic reminder of how we are changing the planet form an unlikely source.

original corsola The original version of Corsola the coral Pokemon has been around since 1999

Nintendo’s ‘Pokémon’ is a hugely popular global franchise featuring a world wear humans live harmoniously alongside powerful animal like creatures. It consists of 8 generations of video games, an anime show, multiple blockbuster movies and a popular trading card game. Whilst it is a franchise aimed at young children the Pokémon games and series have been known to address some serious topics such as animal cruelty, kidnapping and even death. But in the newest game the Japanese creators have added multiple references to climate change and other human caused impacts on the…

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